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  1. I am sitting for the hospice nurse certification this weekend. I need tips/advice from anyone who has taken the exam. I am having trouble with med conversions. Is there a standard conversion for frequently used narcotics? It seems as though the conversions are different depending on which resource I use. Also, I am very nervous about this exam. Any particular focus points? What percentage of questions are related to conversions and dosages? Any help will be GREATLY appreciated. JansgalRN
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  3. by   deadend
    sorry I don't know but I would love to hear more about how to become hospice certified please comment jansgalRN I am from illinois
  4. by   aimeee
    Originally posted by deadend
    sorry I don't know but I would love to hear more about how to become hospice certified please comment jansgalRN I am from illinois
  5. by   jansgalRN
    Information provided on the hospice and palliative care website. Recommended 2 years hospice experience. My experience ranges from NICU to adult ICU/CCU, oncology, Psych, Skilled Nursing, and Med/Surg. Been at it for 6 years. I was a "relief" nurse for 3 years in a 200 bed acute care facility. Hospice is my favorite by far.
  6. by   jansgalRN
    Hope to hear from someone who has taken (passed) the hospice certification. Need some input. I'm concerned about the wide range of information that will be included in the exam. We play the role of nurse, case manager, counselor, spiritual support provider, teacher, mediator, and communicator for our patients. We are the members of the team with the most intimate relationship to the patient and family and intervene in many crises. Someone, PLEASE HELP!
  7. by   Wren

    I was watching and hoping someone would jump in on your question since I plan to take the next certification exam next March. The only info that I can offer is that I personally know of a couple of nurses who took the exam and they both said that it "wasn't bad". I was also working at a Hospice when one of the managers decided to take the exam and I was less than impressed with her knowledge base plus she'd had very little hands on experience in years...yet she passed the exam.

    I am sure that you will do well and please post afterwards and let us know what you think about the exam! Inquiring minds want to know!
  8. by   jerseyRN
    yes, please tell us how you did! I too plan to take it next March.

    And remember, you can still be a good hospice nurse without the certification. In the unlikely event you don't pass, just take it again!! (it's only money...)
  9. by   homeboss1
    I've taken it twice. I think there was maybe one conversion. Have you read the book and study guide because everything is from there and it's important to know history of hospice and medicare and ethics If you have some experience and you read through the books you should do fine. Good luck.