Ex California Hospice RN looking to come back

  1. Hi!

    I'm a former hospice RN case manager in southern california, and I'm looking for advice/resources to find a hospice company, perferable a hospital that has a hospice care unit or center where I could possibly find a job.

    I am hoping some of the users on allnurses wouldn't mind either private messaging me or responding to the thread with any recommendations of who to work for, and/or any advice or warnings about being a hospice RN.

    My first/only experience as a hospice RN Case Manager was not very positive and although I loved the patients, the company I worked for was not at all organized, had a high turn over with the employees, and was not very ethical (in my opinion).

    Since my last company was the only hospice company/agency/experience I have had, and it was not positive in any way, except for my patient experiences and personal growth, I've been very reluctant to get back to hospice, but I did love my patients and learned so much not only about nursing, but about life, death, and myself, and I think mentally I am ready to get back to this patient population, but want to be better prepared, and make a informed decision before I start looking for another job in hospice.

    I feel like I am better prepared this time around since I've done this before and I know what I want and what to look out for (in terms of not being taken advantage of by the employer, and when to say no and when to ask for help), but for the nurses who have more experience than I do... I want to know if it is all the same, are there companies who provide training and actually care about their employees in southern California?

    Basically, in an ideal world (which I know is stupid to say), I would want to work for either a hospital/company that would give me some more training, and would have a director who knows what he/she is doing, have an organized office/office and field staff, and not just be in the hospice market to make money (at least not as the only reason). It would be nice to join a workplace that has happy employees (I know no one is happy at their job all the time 100% of the time, but I hope there are places where the employees are there for more than just the paycheck)

    Thank you!
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  3. by   pfeliks
    I work for Beacon Hospice in Massachusetts. It is part of a nationwide company called Amedisys. I feel we'll supported there.. I don't know if we have Care Centers in California..
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    pfeliks, thank you for your response, I looked up Amedisys, and the company does have centers in California! I"ll let you know what happens