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i used to work night shift at a few skilled nursing facilities. some of the patients were hospice patients. when the hospice patients passed away i called their physician, families and hospice nurses to let them know. i have... Read More

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    I have worked for 4 different hospices; all required to go to all deaths. Yes, it's tiring especially early morning hours, but the family will remember us and what we did. Only once have I not gone; the LTCF called after the funeral home picked up the pt and family did not come at all.
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    It's really hard to make a blanket statement about this. I make visits if it would be helpful, to anyone, to do so. Usually SNF's don't want a visit - they've tidied up the patient and, unless family is there and need emotional support (often the SNF staff know them better than we do), there's not much reason to go. I DO notify the doctor and mortuary, and family if that's the staff's preference (again, they may have a relationship and prefer to call themselves). In my county we don't have to pronounce or involve the coroner.
    My question to the caller now is "Would it be a comfort if I came out?" I don't want to shade the question to elicit a "no", but I also don't want to intrude; sometimes it feels that way, if the family is very matter of fact. Often it feels like the visit makes a huge difference, but sometimes it feels like they have to entertain me. I suspect this is a dicey issue for many hospice nurses.
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    I have worked for two hospice companies in the past ten years. Both companies require that a nurse attend each and every death.

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