Denver CO hospice nurses?

  1. I am looking for any hospice RNs in the Denver CO area who are willing to share about their work with me
    Reason: would like to move and would like to get some input prior to uprooting
    please feel free to send private messages here
    and thanks a million!
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  3. by   hospicevet 20
    Just found this site this morning, so this is my first entry. Have been in the Denver Metro area x 25 yrs, and doing hospice for 20. There are a couple of large hospices that handle a lot of patients, such as Denver Hospice and Hospice of St. John, (both non-profit) and VistaCare and Centura Hospice (for profit). I usually have had more support from the smaller hospices, but better training and education opps from the larger hospices. The biggest risk in a small hospice (less than 50 patients or so) is variation in census causing either cut hours or too little coverage when the census grows or someone is out for vacation or illness. I'd suggest you ask to accompany a nurse on routine visits and ask about his/her day and feelings about the organization. There are some hospices that seem to be in it for the money only, and they are all about the numbers. IMHO, they tend to be the ones that did not begin as hospice, but started as either a home care agency or long term care facility, and branched into hospice. I think hospice has to begin in one's heart, not in the boardroom. Anyway, best of luck to you. We can always use a good nurse here, and it is a fairly small community.