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    Out of work now and thinking about a specialty that I can feel comfortable in. Been an RN for around 31 years 16 in ER, a few in Psych, and Telephone Triage. Looking for something where I can spend time with my Pt. without having to push meds and mess with IV's and drawing blood all day.

    How often are you having to access Hickman or other ports in Hospice? What route are meds given? Are these pot's still receiving all their daily routine meds or only meds for pain? When pt. is on comfort care is it vi IV or IM meds?

    I was looking at a Triage Hospice Nurse job but they want 4pm-4am. What is your role as a Triage nurse that goes to house? Are you doing the same wound care and assessment as a home care Nurse?
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  3. by   Katillac
    I'm not sure about the job you're considering, but in our hospice triage is part of the on call role, and it means taking calls after hours and on weekends and developing an appropriate response, whether it's managing the issue on the phone, or dispatching a visit nurse. For our hospice, on call visits are for resolving unexpected issues, and rarely, daily needs addressed Monday through Friday by our HHAs and LPNs like wound care.

    Hospice patient symptoms at home are usually managed with PO or SL meds. They may or may not be on routine daily meds, depending on their condition. Our hospice rarely uses IV or IM meds - very invasive and typically unnecessary.

    You seem to have a somewhat limited understanding of what hospice is. Why would you imagine you would be drawing blood all day? Why would you think hospice patients would ever get "only meds for pain", as if pain is the only end of life symptom? Maybe it would be a good idea to get some more knowledge before pursuing a job in the field. A nurse with a basic understanding of a specialty has an advantage when seeking a position.
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