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I was wondering if someone could share some of the pros/cons of hospice nursing. I was a LPN for 4 years in med-surg, I am now a new RN working LTC and agency. I just had an interveiw with a hospice agency and it sounds... Read More

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    i am a inpatient hospice rn...hospice is the only are where i have ever truly felt that i have made a difference.....i help people die with dignity , respect and pain go home at the end of a day knowing that you have made a impact and your work means something.....
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    You're welcome. And having said all that, I'd like to add that I hope that you'll find a great hospice job. It is a truly rewarding practice, one where a nurse can really make a difference. Good luck.
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    I've worked for a non-profit hospice for 7 years and have been very underpaid, but it was an awesome way to learn from my co-workers who were in the same building. I'm getting ready to quit and have applied for a home hospice job with a for-profit agency where pay is much better. I personally can't imagine having done home care without the crisis intervention abilities that i gained while in the IPU. But the non-profit sure will use nurses up, and if they ask for raises or better benefits, they'll tell you to get another job... I am
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    I have been a RN now since 1992, my speciality was the ICu, used hospice for my husbands death, now I have reacently switched to Hospice/ Case Manager. When I say reacently I mean as little as two weeks ago, I have been in orientation now and so far it is very exciting.
    I can't wait to be on my own.
    Any advice?

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