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Hello, I am a full time, salaried, on call nurse for hospice. We have one on call nurse and one back up nurse that we can use if we are on another call. I like the job, but am nervous about... Read More

  1. by   KristaKay
    I think our situations are very simular. I have the unfortunate circumstance of having a terrible manager. I hope things get better for you
  2. by   indianahope
    I quit my job a little over a year ago for exactly the reasons you site in your post. I was with the company 10 years, and the last three were literally *#ll on earth. I kept thinking it would get better and I wanted it to get better.... but it just got worse. They started firing senior nurses and I saw the writing on the wall...I took early retirement before they had a chance to fire me. There were some really talented nurses... as well as our medical director that ended up in the ER with cardiac symptoms, GI symptoms, etc. Not good. All were stress/fatigue related. It took me almost a year to recover physically and emotionally. My heart goes out to you and I hope you find the answer that is right for you. I am now reconsidering retirement and am toying with the idea of working only part time...but I will never again put myself in harms way....
  3. by   KristaKay
    Thank you Indianahope, I find myself in your position..hoping and waiting for it to get better but it just gets worse. I think our company has pretty much hit rock bottom as all of our CM have quit with the exception of me. I have my applications out and am praying for another hospice job with a larger company that services our rural Texas area but those jobs are few and far between. This whole situation saddens me to think the people who are dying are being let down for the cost of a few extra people on staff to fix the issue. I just wish the pocket books were deeper for the right reason but my hope has about run out. It's sad to think back on how on-fire I was when I started this job 3 years ago and how far I see the company falling and the staff and patients being let down time after time.