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Average RN Case Manager Pay in PA??

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    I am new to the hospice field and am wondering what the average pay is like for other RN case managers? I am a FT employee, Mon-Fri 8-430 with some on-call responsibility. My case load is about 7-12 pts, both at home and in facilities. I am salaried at $52000/year in PA. I have no clue what the average pay is in this area...what is everyone else making??
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    I'm not in PA, but that sure seems low to me. Here in Texas it can be anywhere from 63.000 to 66,000 plus mileage pay and extra for on call. I can usually make up to 80.000 + depending on how many miles I drive and how much call I want to do.
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    However, your case load is light, compared to what is expected in my organization. I'm in Florida, and I was hired as a new grad, with basically the same type of patients, about 48K. I maxed out at one time with 23.
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    I do get paid for being on call...it's 2.75/hour for being back up on call and $50 if I have to make a visit. I am also a new grad, and 7-12 pts is a low ballpark. It could definitely get higher. I also have a company car, so that's why I don't get mileage. I appreciate the responses. It seems like the pay varies greatly from state to state and from organization to organization.
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    I am a case manager in Central PA, for a large non profit hospice agency. My caseload is usually at an average of 14, with a mix of home and facility patients. I do not have a company car, and get paid mileage. We usually see 4 people a day, and have no on call hours. (Nurses are hired to cover the off shifts). My salary is just a little over $56,000/year. Usually my work weeks are 50 hours on average. Just something to compare. All things have benefits and drawbacks.
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    I am in Utah, and when I was case managing had 12-15 patients. Your load seems low which makes me think you will be driving a lot. I make closer to $80000, but that is with mileage and overtime. I generally take a call shift once or twice a month. I am also paid per visit.