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Assisted living- what happens when patients need more care? - page 3

Help- new to hospice and don't know how to approach this subject. I have a patient who is in assisted living and is falling much. We provided temporary continuous care til facility and family could... Read More

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    Sometimes the billing justification for me being there is "caregiver" educaion. Caregiver often being the ALF staff. Really? Like thats going to go over well and they don't have time to spend more than 3 minutes talking about that patient. Caregiver education for a private home not so bad but still pretty boring. Had one case where the caregiver somehow convinced the young admitting RN to give her a weekend of CC coverage when another finally came to evaluate the case he was shocked.
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    You would not be bored where I am. I could use help with caregiver ed as well as resident ed. I am crunched for time and just had more put on me. I work 9 hour days and I still can't keep up. Our residents are very needy, we have an in-house doc and dentist so there is always work to do! We just had 2 call ins so I gotta get my beauty sleep.

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