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wound teaching aids

  1. 0 anyone out there able to provide me with sites or information on patient teaching aides i may obtain over the net, would like from vendors if possible.
    Johnson and Johnson does provide freee materials, posters and samples.
    The biggest tip I received in the past few weeks is to read package inserts in dressing boxes-- you would be amazed what information is contained in those.
    Im looking for the freebies out there.
    anyone interested, i have a few sites where i received a box of calmoseptine, and a wound care kit. let me know.
    thanks again.
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    I am very interested in the sites. The only things that I found for free were some documentation samples from a site Beacon. I am in the middle east and have very little access to stuff like that. However I now have an APO address which will help a lot. Please let me know where I can get free samples.
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    Hi Funsunsue
    Try www.convatec.com and www.woundcare.com I have received many free samples from convatec with the duoderm brand and samples of pericare spray. Also, you can e-mail the wound care specialist for guidance about difficult wounds and they will gladly e-mail you back with suggestions and ask for you to update them on the improvements seen with their suggestions. Also, convatec has a multiple of links related to all aspects of wound care! Aso try www.duoderm.com for more specific info on wound care


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