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I am looking for a per-diem job with home health, and have had several interviews, and I believe two home health agencies are interested in hiring me. However, in order to be prepared, I was wondering what equipment/supplies I... Read More

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    Keep a strict log and write down your odometer readings at each point.

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    My agency provides everything, except a stethoscope, phone, or a GPS. Oximeter, BP cuff, disposable thermometers, gloves, bags, supplies are available for nurses. Agency glucometers in stock if needed, PT/INR machines. But then again we are a hospital-based home care agency.
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    My agency provides everything. I have my own stethoscope, (they do have very basic ones) but they have provided thermometer, b/p cuff, pulse ox, pt/inr machine, lab and basic wound care supplies etc. Everyone gets a cell phone. Full time employees can lease a company car with On-Star. Those who don't take the car get mileage reimbursement. We are in the process of switching from PDA's to Tablets, which have Google navigation, so it can be used as a GPS
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    The best way is to be paid mileage. The tax deduction is not worth the time involved to claim it.
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