What do you think of this agency? Transition to home care

  1. I have an interview Monday at Waterford Home Health for a part-time case manager position. This is a home health position doing initial and continuing home visits. I do not have experience in hospital nursing or this type of home health, but do have experience in private duty home care (mostly pediatric), a little experience in assisted living, and in office nursing. I am wondering if anyone has experience with this agency. Also, what would be a normal amount of orientation for this kind of job? Is this type of transition, from the types of nursing I've done in the past, something that is doable; what type of support could be expected? Any advice for the interview? Any and all comments would be appreciated; thanks in advance!
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  3. by   conscientiousnurse
    Hello, I am still hoping to receive a reply. This agency is with "Touchmark", if that helps. I found out that they pay by the hour and they give a 2 week orientation and have a supervisor available if you really have problems or issues. They try to group their visits, and have a small county to cover. There would be a need to learn OASIS charting, of course.What do you think? Is this a doable transition for a person with no experience in this area of nursing?
  4. by   cathrn64
    I would want a little longer for orientation. It takes a while to get into the groove of things in homecare. As long as there is someone available for questions, it is doable.
    I don't know anything about this agency, so I can't answer anything about it.
    I think my agency gives about 4 weeks of orientation, but after a couple of weeks they begin to slowly have you see pt's on your own.
  5. by   R*Star*RN
    I got 6 weeks of orientation. . I am now going on the 90 day mark and I still feel completely lost most of the time. I'd definately say 2 weeks is not long enough for orientation.

    OASIS requires an orientation unto itself. . .
  6. by   conscientiousnurse
    Thanks so much for taking the time to answer me! I didn't think I did so well on the initial interview. We'll see if I even get called back for a second interview, and go from there.