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  1. I recently started a job as Director of Nursing for an agency that provides in home care using pcas in virginia. I have 20 years of experience working in nursing homes, 5 of those as director of nursing, and the rest in various management/supervisor positions. The owner of the agency felt that my experience would enable me to do the job. I've only been there for 2 months, trying to flesh out the position. I can't find any groups or discussions on the net that seem to address this kind of position. Does anybody have any advice, even on where to look to find others doing this job? Or is it the same thing only different, you know? Of course, regs are different than ltc, and i can refer to the regs in the book or online. Just wondering if a don is a don, or if somebody else has or had this position that could refer me to something. Thanks
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  3. by   KarenJordan
    I feel your pain! There's not a lot out there as far as info on our positions. I was a CM at my company for about a year and was then made DON. I was given a key to my office, a password for the computer, and asked if I needed anything from the office supply closet! I had to feel my way around for the first six months or so. Do you have skilled nursing or just PCW/HHA?