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I've been a nurse in med-surg for nearly 3 years now. I work 12hr night shifts 3 days a week at a small hospital. I recently just had my 3rd child and I'm thinking I need a little more structure at home. I'm looking for an 8-5... Read More

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    Thank you all for your replies! I really, really hope that HH works for my family and I and that I really enjoy it! I've purchased the book "Handbook of Home Health Standards" by Tina M. Marrelli that I've read on here will help me out being that I'm new to HH. I'm hoping it gets me a better insight into HH...Are there any other tips or recommendations as far as car desks, apps, or websites that'll help me make it a little more of a smoother transition to HH from Med Surg?

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    I know this post is old but it came up in my search. Mommy22 are you still in home health? Do you like it? I recently accepted a position with a home health agency that has a good reputation here. I will be paid per visit and I feel really good about it. I am currently working on a tele/med surg floor and the stress is burning me out and also being that I have two kids, I'm also looking for something that will leave me more flexibility in my day. I will have to be on call mon-thurs night every 6 weeks and a weekend every 6 weeks. But they said that it's rare for you to get a call to a house in the middle of the night unless it's something very important and that all of the calls go through the office first before calling the nurse. I hope you get this message as I'd love to hear how this ended up working out for you!
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    Hi MyusernameRN! So before entering home health I was very much warned about how difficult it was and was told it would take about a year before I become comfortable and begin to understand. Well, it's been 9 months since I started and at the beginning for about the first 7 months there were many times where I'd cry and feel completely overwhelmed. Not until recently have I felt a little more comfortable. There is a TON of charting and as long as you stay up with it and your organization you should be fine. Also we are still ALL paper charting and will be getting tablets next month, YAY! This will cut down hopefully on a lot of unpaid office time, as we are only paid per visit! The flexibility of Home health is definitely there but at first for me it wasn't. It takes time as your learning the ropes for it to become flexible. Now, after 9 months I can definitely say I'm happy with being a HH case manager. Don't get me wrong, I still have TONS & TONS to learn and I'm still learning on a daily basis! I hope this helps you, feel free to message me if you have any further questions
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    Thanks for your reply Mommy_2_2! I start in a few weeks. I was told all of their charting is electronic, but it's on a small phone/handheld device. Hopefully it's pretty straight forward. I'm looking forward to the change, but hope that I catch on quickly. I'm a little nervous as I get closer to starting, but I think it's time to get out of where I'm at. The company seems to be really good and the people were really nice. They have a good reputation too. Well, thanks again!
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    How does the on-call, weekends and holidays work in your experience? I too am thinking of going into HH.

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