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Hi there. I'm a fairly new nurse with a year of experience on a skilled unit in a LTC facility taking care of dementia and Alzheimer's pts. I have been offered a job for home health through a small... Read More

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    Are you still working home health in Louisiana?
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    In Michigan, SOC $85, revisit $50, recert/d/c $65. This is the problem that I posted about. Where do these new grads get their experience to work in home health if the hospitals are not hiring?
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    I'm in central Florida and do PRN for HH. We get $0.50 per mile, $80 for SOC, $60 ROC,DC and RECERT and $40 for regular visit. It seems so far the pay works out pretty well. My longest visit is the SOC and that really depends on the pt and why they are being admitted. I had one visit for a woman on TPN and IV Abx and the SOC wasn't the bad part it was waiting for the pharmacy to bring the meds and supplies because it took them an hour to get there AFTER I had finished the SOC paperwork.