Paper charting?

  1. I've been working for a HH agency since January that is 100% paper charting although I love case managing my pts the paper work is just ridiculous! !! Am I naive to think that once we go to computers it's going to cut down some of the charting time and all the duplicate charting we are doing? I'd love to hear from Case managers that are charting electronically...
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  3. by   jbolger01
    At my agency all full time staffing most part time do electronic charting. I came from an all paper agency. In my opinion it does cut down a little, but does not eliminate duplicate charting or ALL paperwork. I do feel it helps with efficiency and case communication being able to go back and look at previous visits.
  4. by   paradiseboundRN
    It helps. You can "cut and paste" frequently used goals, phrases etc. If you are using a good program, one document should flow to the next so you are not writing the demographics, DOB, etc more than once. On the down side, I had to both write the meds on a med sheet and type them into the computer. This is so the patient has a med sheet in their home folder from day 1. The only way to avoid this is to carry a printer, which isn't practical
  5. by   Palmetto_Nurse
    Hi, Mommy_2_2. Have things gotten any better for you? I am an experienced RN considering home health per diem, but so many posters' comments are making me have second thoughts. I really, REALLY need flexibility in my life right now due to various circumstances and it appears HH is the direction to go for me. Have you had the flexibility you need? Is the charting getting any less stressful?