Online skills test for home health infusion nursing?

  1. I just received a call back from a home health agency that I applied to work at, and I was told I would be required to take an online skills covering IV skills before my application would be processed any further. From what I was told by the company, most of the home health patients will have PICC lines. I have a pretty good amount of clinical experience inserting and running fluids through peripheral lines, but I work in a state that doesn't let LVNs hang meds or do anything with central lines besides dressing changes. In other words, I know the "basics" of peripheral IVs and PICC lines, but am far from an expert.

    Should I be nervous about taking this test? Should I review anything? Is there anyone who has taken an exam like this before who can offer any pointers?

    Thank you so much!

    Edit: Just wanted to clarify, this is for an RN position, not an LVN position. Hold both licenses, but all of my experience thus far is as an LVN.
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  3. by   SeaH20RN
    I just read your post. how did the online class go? You can learn PICC line drsg changes on You Tube. Flush protocals/ S.A.S.H. and more from your supervisor or IV cert Class.

    I hope everything went well. Let us know.