I'm back! And so far I like it! I'm back! And so far I like it! | allnurses

I'm back! And so far I like it!

  1. 0 Ok, so after taking off a year and a half from nursing I am back in the field again. I started orientation at a HHA this week as a PRN field LVN. I really like the agency I work for so far. It is a lot better than the one I was working for previously (when I had a total and complete breakdown and quit nursing completely). I know I am only a week into it but there are alot of differences, such as, I only see patients in a 40 mile radius of the hospital we are associated with, I am not (at this time any way) asked to see daily patients 65 miles apart , and they are Medicare/State compliant. It appears, from what I've learned in just the last week, that the other agency was NOT compliant in a lot of areas.
    While I do really like this agency so far, I am being very cautious, just because of how bad I was burned at the last one. No more 10-14 patients a day, plus 3-4 hours of charting every night. I know how to say NO to case managers now!
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    Good for you, What agency are you with now?
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    Palo Pinto Home Health. Palo Pinto General is the county hospital and they also run/own the hha.