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Well, the weekends are becoming unmanageable for the on-call nurse at my agency.... They will now schedule 4 admits without blinking an eye on Saturday and then we turn around on Sunday and start all... Read More

  1. by   RN1263
    Quote from Burlshoe114
    Case management until 1400, when I was finally able to get out the door and start seeing the admits and visits.

    I think I got home around 1800 and charted until 2330.
    How did you see 2 admits and a routine visit, Plus get home in 4 hours? Were they all within 10 min of each other or something?
  2. by   tx2007
    There are so many factors into "how many can you do" are they all in the same town? just been discharged from hospital? trainwrecks? I have done 3 admits in an 8 hour day on paper and 2 admits in an 8 hour day in the computer with each being an hour driving distance apart and an hour away from the office. So total 1 hour to first admits home, admit time, hour to next admits home, admit time and hour drive back to office plus time at office to finish computer charting. 4 could be totally doable depending on conditions.
  3. by   nrsdolphin
    I can do 2 admits and an SN visit for ROC or a recert in one day. But I also have to have time to audit all admitsand d/c, teach chronic care class weekly, nurse ed, pt ed, go to seminars at least 2x month. So, doing these things are a nightmare at times. Oh, and when on call for the week, usually 3-4 admits on weekend, as well as a few IV's, ROC's, etc.