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    I have just found this forum and appreciate the wealth of information in here. I researching a particular topic and am hoping someone can advise. I am considering opening a Non Medical homecare franchise in NY state and I am trying to understand some of the certifications and licensing. I am aware that NY state has a nice long LHCSA application which take's many months. One item I keep getting caught up in is the CNA Vs HHA, Vs companion care requirements. I believe, But need clarity that :

    For Companion care ( Home maker, shopping, errands, meal prep, anything that is "non-touch") I understand that really anyone can do it. i.e. you do not need a state training cert. The franchise systems I am looking at provides a base of base first aid training, infection ctrl, Alzheimer's etc. which I think everyone going into a seniors home should have

    For Personal Care (Anything that is "touching" , Bathing & hygiene, Transfer & posture positioning, Continence and toileting care etc) I think that ( and here is where I am unclear) the person needs a HHA certification from NY state. That being said I am also seeing reference to a CNA being either required or considered the same.

    Can anyone advise, specific to NY state, what the difference between a CNA and HHA is and which is required in NY state to provide personal care type services. I would not be providing any medical type care ( wound care, meds etc)

    Thanks to all - much appreciated
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