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I have never reported an agency to the authorities for fraud, but I have been accused of doing so and have been blacklisted. I have seen so much horrifying fraud in home health care that I don't... Read More

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    Thank you for your courage in reporting fraud. We should never be indifferent to fraud and keep quite. Guess what kids, this is your and my money and our future healthcare insurance when we are elderly. Even if it is the agency that pays us and can make our life difficult for a short while, the long term effects are devstating to Medicare viability. Without knowing your exact circumstances I still think home health is an option for you. Any ethical comapny with an active compliance plan and compliance officer would be grateful to have an employee like you. At the next interview ask if the company has a compliance plan and officer and how frequently staff training occurs. Good luck to you. You appear to be the kind of nurse who needs to stay in home care, ethical, professional and beyond reproach and we need a lot more like you.
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    You must report or may be considered a part of the crime.
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    My agency does not do any of that and neither do I. I am at my job the time I say I'm there. In fact, in my orientation, the case managers made a big deal about being at the job the entire time that I am supposed to be. Has anyone gone electronic yet in home care? Just curious.
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    Yes, currently in an electronic environment and love it. QA can read the notes!!