Foam Dressing

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    can someone tell me the difference between Optifoam and Allevyn. I understand they are both foam dressings, but i work with a nurse that says she will only use Allevyn (more expensive), when i ask her why all she will say is "its better". ok if it is better can someone tell me why???!!!

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    Sorry I'm not familiar with these names. Are they similar to polymem? What types of wounds are they used for?

    edit: just did a search. They look similar to something we use called mepilex. Sorry I don't use either of these brands so can't say if one works better than the other. Their websites have a few selling points though if you google it.
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    I personally prefer Allevyn too! I think it's AWESOME! I think the difference it makes when compared to other foam adhesive dressings is that is sort of wicks away and locks in the drainage much like a maxi-pad does. Other dressings have an island of foam with no covering over the foam. The Allevyn has a layer of adhesive, permeable plastic that covers the foam which I also think promotes better adhesion. Good stuff.
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    Optifoam is great if its a smaller wound and you may be covering with a transparent dressing. Optifoam or other "generic" foam dressings are absolutely acceptable if the purpose is more for insulating the wound or protection. Depends on the wound. I like Allevyn too - but in this day and age of the increasing price of healthcare...saving a few bucks and still getting the job done is often the way to go

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