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Famiy Medicine Residents Shadowing HH Nurse

  1. 0 Earlier this week I was asked if I would be okay having a family medicine resident follow me for half a day next week so that they can see what services are available for their patients, what home does/is, etc.

    My question would be which patients to choose?!

    I was thinking a wound and probably CHF but does anybody have any other suggestions? I want them to have a decent experience and a good idea of what it is the nurses do for their patients to encourage them to order services.

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    Maybe chose someone who was really noncompliant and landed in the hospital and has stayed well for a significant amount of time based on your services. Choose a really nice house and a really awful one, just so they understand what it's like for a HHN! I think your choice of CHF and wound is probably a good choice. Maybe someone with labs, new ostomy? Just throwing ideas out as they pop into my head...
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    How about a patient that needs diabetic teaching, or one that gets frequent PT/INR testing along with adjustments in Coumadin dosages?
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