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    holistic nursing schools & careers

    caveat: this is a list provided by a website. this is not an endorsement of these schools, their validity, their credentials or certifications. let the buyer beware. investigate fully before signing up for any of these programs.
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    holistic nursing programs at new york college

    holistic nursing programs at new york college teach registered nurses how they can educate, treat, and guide their patients so each patient can attain optimum health and well-being.

    holistic nurses are the bridge that joins conventional and holistic medicine. with their training in western health care and their caring, hands-on interactions with patients, nurses are ideally suited for careers as holistic practitioners.

    many nurses go into health care out of a desire to help people get better and minimize suffering. nurses care for patients in every sense of the word. along with nursing care, they attend to the human needs of emotional and spiritual support, which are just as critical to recovery as medical care. yet in conventional settings, nurses have limited time and autonomy to attend to these vital needs.

    for the holistic nursing practitioner, the human element is where health care begins. holistic nurses educate, treat, and guide each patient to attain optimum health, relying on the knowledge gained from both their western training and the principles and practices of holistic nursing theory. by virtue of their western training, holistic nurses are uniquely qualified to understand the tests and procedures patients have undergone and to recommend noninvasive alternatives. students who complete our holistic nursing programs have a rare opportunity to expand the traditional nurse's role in the health care delivery system. as autonomous health care professionals, holistic nurses are an essential part of a health care team.

    new york college of health professions:* academics:* holistic nursing programs
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    holistic nursing: the goal is the whole person

    it probably has happened to anyone who's ever worked as a staff nurse. you're changing the dressing on one patient, but you're also thinking about another patient's iv anti-biotic that is due to run out any minute and a blood glucose that has to be rechecked in 15.

    over the past few years, a small, but steadily growing, number of rns are learning more about holistic nursing and how it can help them be truly present for their patients in body, mind and spirit -- even when time is limited.
    this trend, coupled with consumers' escalating interest in alternative, or complementary, therapies, is likely to impact nursing by increasing future opportunities and enhancing current professional practice, according to nurse experts.
    nursingworld | tan sept./oct. '98: holistic nursing
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    the australian journal of holistic nursing

    the australian journal of holistic nursing is a twice yearly international journal combining refereed and occasional papers with news items, discussion and debate. the journal documents the the dynamic and diverse trends emerging in contemporary holistic practice.

    the journal includes articles on the practice of natural therapies and holistic nursing both in australia and overseas, with a blend of theoretical and practice-based issues. while nursing issues are prominent in the journal, contributions are sought from all holistic practitioners spanning a wide range of disciplines.

    unfortunately, the october, 2005, issue was the last issue. still can access the archives, however.


    selected excerpts: ajohnhomepage
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    american holistic medical association

    the ahma was founded in 1978 to unite licensed physicians who practice holistic medicine. ahma membership is open to licensed medical doctors (mds) and doctors of osteopathic medicine (dos) from every specialty, and the medical students studying for those degrees. associate membership is also open to those health care practitioners certified, registered, or licensed in the state in which they practice.

    the mission of the ahma is to support practitioners in their evolving personal and professional development as healers and to educate physicians about holistic medicine.

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    standard process

    free membership at site allows: access to company newsletters and the mediherb® technical library. has latest research concerning herbal products and other vitamin/ mineral preparations. a wealth of information for the holistic health practitioner.

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