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I was recently at a hospital with a group of nursing students and one of them was dictating into a digital recorder 1) Medical Dx of patient. 2) Rx related to the treatment plan. 3) Lab values on CBC, and CMP. The student did not... Read More

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    Quote from Jolie
    Is there a policy @ your school that forbids the use of electronic devices to record data?
    They may have, but this student is being charged with HIPAA violation in-stead of breaking electronics policy.

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    It might not be a hippa violation, but I know that at my school I'd be a violation for carrying an electronic device that's capable of recording. In my programs students aren't allowed to carry anything that records at all.
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    I am not a nurse...yet...but I am a medical transcriptionist and I am held to HIPAA rules/regulations. I send emails to doctors, notes to technologists, etc., and the only information I am not allowed to put on the correspondence is the patient's name, DOB...identifiable information. As long as the nursing student left this information out, it would not be a HIPAA violation...like someone else said, maybe a 'program/school' violation?

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