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Hey ladies and gents aka FUTURE NURSES! So I had to take HESI 3x to pass. All three exams were different! but by the THIRD time it was only 4 of us taking the exam. They gave us 3 hours to complete it and I took 2.5 hours to... Read More

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    I have this Saunders book & disc as well I definitely use it all the time so glad to see that you passed your exam with such a high score...did you do the assessment exam first with 75 questions then it told you the areas that you needed improvement in?

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    Quote from Jserrano2113

    I took version 1 D, passed with a 1116, 96% conversion score and used Saunders it's a green book with a disc
    My mom just bought me the Hesi Comp NCLEX PN book and I have the green Saunders Comp Review NCLEX PN book so I hope those books help me pass my hesi exams
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    Ive been using the same material...along with the Evolve case studies and practice tests....I love the Saunders ( green) book and disk....hopefully this material will lead the way to graduation 4/26....first practice hesi exit 2/27....then first exit is 4/10....with God anything is possible....Ive been dedicated to this program for 13 months so working (brooooke)....only the books...its been a long journey!

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