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    Just some interesting information.....Lee College Nursing program is now requiring that students MUST pass not ONE but TWO exit exams in order to graduate. And the most disheartening thing is that they don't even tell there students what exam it is (i.e Hesi, ATI..etc) So forget trying to get the appropriate prep books to pass your exit with them. The graduating class of RN's May 2012....were told not to use the HESI study guide because they would not be given a hesi exit. They were given 2 exit exams by NLN, where only two students passed out of 70 or so. Then the surprising got the HESI they were PROMISED not to be tested on....The school administration is not helping the students either.

    P.S. This is an ADN program.....the grading is not fair amongst students. Right now they currently are requesting a 900 on HESI....and point system on the other test.
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    Update:The students who were scheduled to graduate this summer only 3 out 30 passed both exit exams and the remaining 27 students will not be allowed to graduated or take boards.
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    My school we have to take a HESI exit exam and pass before we take our boards....we get 3 chances...the first time I got a 790 and need 850 to pass...taking the second tomorrow :uhoh21:
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    Oh my!!! I wish you all well! I need to pass the exam as well, I got one more shot!!! Prayers up blessings down!
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    Hey what schools do you both go to? thanks!!!

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