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Help, I take the Hesi Fundamentals test next week. It is 50 questions and I have to pass first try. Has anyone taken the test this year and how did you study for it? Any tips?... Read More

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    wow! never saw questions like that when i was studying, those are really short i hope our HESI questions are that short also, thanks!!

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    The questions were much easier than nclex question.
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    yea it looks like it! so i guess i will not make silly mistakes
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    one last thing was their multiple choice questions, that would suck if thier was
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    Do you mean check all that apply? No, just regular a, b, c or d
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    Hey is the HESI fundamentals for nursing1 like the case studies on evolve? if so..ummm that's pretty crazy lol
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    No it wasn't. Much easier.
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