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Hello fellow educators....I am dealing with a dilema which I have no control over as I am a staff member, not administration, but it is just eating away at my concious. My community college uses the... Read More

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    My school requires a score of 900 to graduate. If the students aren't making the grade I have to wonder why. I was very Blessed to have made 1006 on my exit HESI but 875 was about the average and none of these students passed.

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    I have passed the HESI now with 1052 but for all that drama it wasnt worth it there is a shortage for nurses but if you really want to become one you have to endure a lot to acheive it
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    Have you taken the state boards, if so do you think HESI prepared you for it? Which test was the more difficult, HESI or NCLEX?
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    the Hesi was by far much harder because Nclex adapts to your knowledge not Hesi
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    In my MSN program, this was a big discussion. It all centers on accountability and outcomes based education. As the nursing schools are accountable for NCLEX passing rates, they sometimes do everything possible to graduate only students who will pass. Many educators in my program also complained about the unfair admission requirements to thier nursing programs that excluded many potentially great nurses.
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    Don't feel bad at all- as a student I think I would be lucky to have you as my professor, clinical instructor, advisor, colleague, whatever... Advocating for your students when policies are blatanly unfair is something I wish other nursing faculty would consider. Or at least blogg about it like you did.
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    you are so right and for some students the programs are quite expensive some like me had to go from a fulltime job to part time with no financial help and I kept up did what was required and they almost screwed me over a past fail rate this should be loked into by the state boards but again do you really think people care maybe maybe not
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    The Hesi test shouldnt keep students from taking boards. I finally passed Thursday. We were told that if you didnt pass Hesi then we wouldnt be able to pass boards, but for the schools that dont have to take it to graduate they are all passing boards without a problem.
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    that is so true I wish some one would let these schools who swear by Hesi know that and also remember what Hesi is really for and that is an evaluating tool
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    Exactly!!! I just finished the Paramedic to RN bridge and we had to pass to graduate and now this new class doesnt have to pass it. I counts as 50% of their grade now but we had to pass and the thing is we were not prepared for that test at all because none of our test were designed even close to Hesi.

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