West Coast Hesi re-take 2012 - page 2

has anyone taken the hesi twice?If so, how was it? Can I still use the evolve book to study or will it be completely different? I took the Hesi entrance exam at west coast in la campus and i failed it by 7.5%. I was wondering if... Read More

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    Km: there's no algebra, I started this week. Tuition depends in individual. Without any transfer credit. You're looking at about $137,000. And u can only get about $15,000 in federal loan and $5000 in grants. The rest u either get a private loan or PAU cash.

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    Quote from kmillersocal
    First of all, congrats on passing your HESI test :-) Are you starting next week? or are you starting in November?

    Also-I have the HESI (3rd edition) study guide. Toward the end of the math section, there is algebra as well. Did you have any algebra on your exam?

    Thank you so much for your time!
    I had no algebra on mine. Theres no algebra on the study guide either.
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    Hi Red35,

    Another poster also mentioned using the ASVAB study guide. I mainly used it for reading comp since this is where I was scoring lowest on my practice tests.

    Which school did you end up going with?
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    Hi abi1981,

    I have the third edition HESI and there is some algebra toward the end of the math section, but nothing major :-)

    Congrats on starting your program! Best of luck with your studies.

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