Took HESI today for 2nd time....Just want to help others out - page 2

hi all! i just wanted to give you all some feedback on my experience taking the hesi for the 2nd time today. my school only requires the math and reading (vocab, grammar, comprehension) sections. the first time i took it... Read More

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    Quote from rdethrote
    I recently took the HESI...and our school only required math, vocab, grammar and reading. I found the math part to be the hardest, but I also thought some of the vocab/grammar questions were challenging. I studied using the HESI review book (Mosby) and by taking some online practice tests. I used the tests that someone else here recommended -

    Thank you for the link!!! I hope it helps me! Lol, are the scores they give you on there different from the actual test or no?

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    I got a 240 on the math of this practice. What does that mean?
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    hey I am taking the hesi the second time is it harder than the first one and btw is all the math problems fill in or just the conversions thank you to whoever replies
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    hey there I am taking it a second time is there any multiple choice or is it all word problems not my fav lol
    Congratulations I know you was stressed beyond belief like I will be on the 7th
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    What would be the best way to study for the hesi? Would the hesi be an entrance for the lvn program or rn?

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