Taking HESI in a week, advice?

  1. Hello, I am taking my Hesi exam on 10/26. My school requires us to take the Vocab, Math, Reading Comp, Grammar, Biology, Chemistry, and Learning Styles & Personality. There is no passing grade for my school, they pick the students with the highest scores until all the seats are filled. I am very nervous!

    I have been studying the Biology portion a lot because I have heard this is the hardest. I am currently taking Intro to Chem, so I am hoping that will prepare me for the Chem portion. I have looked over the Math and Vocab. Not too worried about the Reading Comp or Grammar, from what I have heard it's pretty much common sense.

    I would appreciate any advice from anyone Thanks!
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  3. by   heykim
    I would pick up a copy of the Elsivier hesi study guide and pay special attention to their "tip" boxes.

    For the A&P section know your hormones, their origins and functions - i went here and made flash cards based off of what the website says for each hormone/gland Edno 101: Endocrine Glands

    Also study the heart- the valves, chambers and the direction of blood flow. Also know the origins of blood through arteries and veins.

    Math is a lot of probability and percentage to decimals.

    Go to Simple free learning tools for students and teachers | Quizlet and search Hesi. This will bring up a lot of good reviews. You can also search specific subjects. And they have different "games" to help you study.

    The vocab in the elsivier study book helps a lot, so create flash cards for those.

    I studied for about a month before hand starting with the subject I was most fearful about. I moved onto the next section once I could answer questions without flipping over a card or could map things out on paper and label them.

    I got a 98% overall on my Hesi and a 850 in critical thinking.
  4. by   Nurse2b7337
    Awesome score awesome tips!!