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Hello Everyone, I am scheduled to take my Entrance Exam August 27,2012, I could really use some help on prepration. I purchased the "Master Nursing School & Allied Health Entrance Exam" book. I really would like to pass this... Read More

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    the hesi book? what is exactly is the name of the book and who wrote it?? so theres science in it? i thought its just english and math. idk when im going to take the test bc they were full for August so im tihnking this month or next month.. how many question were on the test? i just want to get as much information as I can, i dont want to fail.

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    hey did you take your test yet? No not too much math at all. No science thank goodness lol. I'm waiting for my results
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    I just took the HESI A2 yesterday. I used the "HESI Admission Assessment Exam Review Ed. 3" by Elsevier. Found it at the college bookstore. It did a fine job at preparing me. It is just a guideline, though, you need to have a wider breadth of knowledge than just the vocab that they have listed.

    The math section had a lot of ratio questions, I was surprised.

    Each school has different requirements for testing. Check your school for what subjects they will be testing for. I'm applying to UTA and they just required Math, Grammar, Vocab and general knowledge.

    Each section has 55 questions.
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    Quote from dnetta5762
    hey I take mine on the 31st of August I'm super nervous. Brush up on ur factions, adding subtraction multiply etc fraction to percent. I was told to try to answer as many questions as possible. You can private mgs me if u want
    Hey hun I hope you see this! Can you please email me I have a couple questions, PLEASE! lol aeymeexo@yahoo.com

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