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    The school I am trying to get into just recently switched from the Hesi to the Kaplan. I took the Kaplan yesterday and I think I did well, but I have no other scores to compare myself to. Does anyone know what are considered good scores for the Kaplan?
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    I received a 79. I think that is average. That being said, average probably won't get me into nursing school.
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    I applied to Gwinnett Tech for 2013 Nursing Program, and I'm waiting to get a manndatory meeting invitation letter. Anybody?
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    That's not a bad grade. which school did you applied to?
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    Northern Arizona University ABSN. Super competitive.
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    I'm applying to carrington. I scored an 81 in writing, a 96 in math, and a 95 in reading. I got called in for an interview, so hopefully that means one step closer. They take the top 36. I've signed up to retake the exam but I am trying to decide if it is necessary. What does everyone think?? I'm so nervous!
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    enraymond, Good luck! I am retaking the Kaplan in two weeks. My Plan B school will allow me to retake the Kaplan. They count Reading, Writing, Math and Science. Any tips on how to score higher on the Writing portion(I received a 76)? Science(I received a 75)? I did well in the Reading and Math. Thanks
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    I just used the Kaplan study guide I bough off of amazon. It did not help with the writing portion at all. I'm thinking of maybe buying an SAT or ACT prep book because I remember those tests having a more similar format to the writing on the Kaplan.
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    They take the highest of the two scores so I don't think it would hurt to re-take it!
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    Quote from Maegen89
    They take the highest of the two scores so I don't think it would hurt to re-take it!
    I don't want to waste the extra attempt though. You can only take it twice a year. If I take it again and do worse, then I wasted an attempt for that I could use for entrance in a different semester. Plus it's expensive! I just hope my scores are good enough. Carrington called me in to fill out an application and meet with a financial aid advisor with my last test scores. So I'm hoping that means I did well enough.

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