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The school I am trying to get into just recently switched from the Hesi to the Kaplan. I took the Kaplan yesterday and I think I did well, but I have no other scores to compare myself to. Does anyone... Read More

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    Your test scores are valid for the rest of the year. You are put into the applicant pool for the other 2 semesters as well as this upcoming one . I guess you could look at it both ways though! You've had the best scores I've heard so far so I have a feeling you won't be having any trouble getting in! good luck!

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    That is very true!! You're right that it couldn't hurt. I hope that we will both be starting in May, it's the waiting that is killing me. I wish it would come faster!
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    I sure hope so too! Ahg yes this waiting game is killing me! Not to mention the last test date isn't until March 23, that seems so far away! They tell you what percentile you're in when they give you your results. Do you remember what yours were!?
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    I don't remember what my percentile, I was looking more at the scores for each subject. I wish I had seen that! Now I'm wondering what my percentile would be. What was yours?
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    I only remember my reading, with a 95 I was within the 95 percentile but I also took the second test of the year so I have no idea now! I just wish we knew what was considered a "safe" score!
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    Ahhhh I am glad you two are also applying to Carrington ! I took my test on March 2. I am just hoping my score is good enough! I wish I knew the average score for the Kaplan. I guess we will see this week if I get a call. Good luck to both of you! Hopefully we will all be classmates
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    I can't find what a "good score" would be anywhere! I guess we will all have to just play the waiting game
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    I'm hoping that anything in the 80s and 90s will be enough! From what I have seen those are pretty rare, most people score in the 60s and 70s. I'm thinking and hoping that we should be ok with our scores!
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    I sure hope you're right! Hopefully it's not too long after the last test that letters are sent out!
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    At my interview I was told that letters go out on March 26, 21 more days!
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