Passed Hesi A2 1st time (my thoughts)

  1. Just took the Hesi this afternoon. Passed with 93.14% cumulative! I couldn't be happier, as I did not dedicate at much time to studying as I should I have.

    My individual scores:

    Bio - 92%
    Chem - 92%
    A&P - 88%
    Math - 98%
    Vocab - 98%
    Reading - 94%
    Grammar - 90%

    All in all, I felt like the actual test was easier then the practice tests I took.

    How I studied (when I studied)

    Read the Hesi Exam review about a month ago, I highlighted things I felt I didn't know or remember too well

    I was on the pocket app quite often, 10 minutes, 10 minutes there, watching tv etc, focused mostly on Bio, Chem and A&P.

    Cliff Notes A&P

    Old class notes for Chemistry

    and quizlet etc for practice tests

    Math - super easy, mostly ratios and mixed fractions (mostly adding and subtracting) very few conversions (I had maybe two, and they were metric to metric)

    A&P - A lot easier than I expected, a few questions I remember were: What bone has no articulation with any other bone. What male organ is in both the reproductive and urinary system, what connects the kidney to the bladder.

    Chem - Can't remember most of the questions, but know PH, conjugate acids/base, orbitals, atomic mass

    Bio - Overlapped a lot with Chemistry, multiple questions on phospholipid bi-layer, active & passive transport, cell structure, dna (know your pairs!) genotype/phenotype -know the difference

    Vocab - Nothing in the Hesi book was like what this actually was, I only did so well because I have a good vocabulary in general, best I can say is google hesi vocab and do a whole bunch, know synonyms.

    Grammar - probably the most confusing for me, hesi book is great for this as a refresh of all the rules. Know contractions, independent/dependent clauses, spelling, punctuation.

    Reading - Hardest part for me was answering what was being implied.

    All in all, I am so pleased, my school requires at least an 80% math and 80% cumulative. I was aiming for at least a 91% because admission is strictly point based.

    Good Luck to all who are going to take it
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  3. by   lecole01
    You did amazing! Congratulations. Also, thank you for your feedback. I take my Hesi in 4 Days! I was a little nervous about it but I think that I'll be okay. I also have been using pocket prep and I find it very beneficial.
  4. by   Olusubomi
    Congratulations, you did so well. I have the HESI Admission Assessment-Exam Review (3rd edition), do I need to get the fourth edition or I should continue using my book? Thank you.
  5. by   Munkee
    I think you should be ok with 3rd edition.