Nervous about my HESI retake tomorrow! - page 2

I first took the HESI in March '12. I passed it, but only passed with an 82.9% overall. Due to the school's point system, it wasn't enough to get me into the program. If I would've had an 83%, I would've been in ( I know!!!... Read More

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    Red35 thx so much! How was the vocabulary??

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    I thought the vocab was easy..but some people on this forum had a difficult time on it. I studied Quizlet for vocab as well as HESI..just read the sentence carefully before choosing an answer. Some people rush through the test and once you choose an answer you can't change it.

    Good luck! We are here for you
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    😰Red35 thx I think I will need all the support I can get!!! Lol!
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    You will be have the Evolve review correct? Just make sure you study!

    And relax during the test...better said than done but look at all the answers first...
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