Need help with hesi entrance exam

  1. im devastiated u guys i took the hesi entrance exam, first i got 76% now today i got 79%. now i have 1 last try in october. I was wondering what book is good to study. i been using the hesi elsevier admin assessment exam review 3rd edition from the school. but that book sucks doesnt even have any of the vocabulary that was on the exam. like wth is a "aegis".. is there a practice exams anywhere? and if i fail the last exam my life will be over.. dont know what to do with my life anymore if i fail.
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  3. by   acunnin4
    Hi, I am studying for the HESI A2 exam right now (my test is on May 17). I have been studying from the study guide (Edition 2). I also have been using the flashcards on I don't know if this will help or not! I'm really nervous about my test in May. Good luck on your next try!
  4. by   JenLahaye
    I took mine back in January and as far as vocabulary I think it's always a different word bank. My test had a lot from the study guide. Try a different testing location if possible. They may have a different bank good luck. I know it's so stressful. It will be over soon and you will get in. Just go into the test with confidence.
  5. by   kaylamh
    I just took my Hesi exam yesterday and I passed with an 89% overall. The vocabulary section was by far the most difficult. I studied several different quizlets which gave me a wide variety of words and it paid off. I got a 90% on the vocabulary. Best of luck next time you take it! Keep your chin up and study, study, study!