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NACE 1 exam

  1. 1 Help! Studying for the NACE 1 exam...test coming up March 12. Feel like my study efforts are all over the place. Anyone have any suggestions of where to concentrate my efforts?
    I've been an LPN for a long time and am sooo rusty with test taking!
    Thx for any help!!
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    I have just taken the NACE I Exam today- April 28, 2012 completely blind-sided for MDC Transition-brigde track; I got a 55%. Everyone saying exactly the same thing and indeed they are correct- the NACE I foundations to nursing does not have a study guide.

    But I being straight forward to those inquiring minds, the only study guide you will need I suggest the NCLEX-PN (focusing on only fundamentals of nursing) and/or any fundamentals of nursing book with the use of the NCLEX-style review questions within each chapters of the book. That is all you will need! Please embrace the nursing process.

    I am planning on taking it again in June 2012 and will follow-up until then. So I hope this helps ease the minds of those planning to taking the NACE I- Foundations of Nursing.
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    if u want study material i can send u some pdf book online . mail me if u want my id is
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    Did you retake the test? Pass?