LVN hesi exit exam :(

  1. I have failed twice and have only one more chance. I barely failed the first one so I studied way more for the second and failed by over 50 points. It's not giving me much hope for this 3rd time and it is my last chance. Anyone who can share their best ways of studying that has helped them would be very appreciated! Since it is different each time I am not sure whats the best way to study for it, I have read my practice book and done practice questions. I passed the whole program just can't get past this test
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  3. by   MrsV
    I've got 7 weeks until I take my Exit. I've just been doing the practice tests on the CD and on the evolve website and reading the rationales! They seem to be helping even though it seems I don't pass the majority of them...its getting better!
  4. by   mpkl
    Hi there!
    When are you going to retake the test?
    Send me your email at
    I may be able to help....
  5. by   patel.748
    The HESI Exit exam is really really tricky...

    My program offered a Practice LPN HESI exam in our 3rd term and I received an 989. I didn't even take Med Surg 2 or Pharm 2 yet. This exam did not count towards our pass/fail attempts to graduate which were counted during our 4th term HESI attempts

    The first time I took it in the 4th term I was super nervous and had a ton of anxiety going in and got a 751... our program requires an 850 or better. I really feel I psyched myself out of this exam and failed it before I even started the exam as I did not have the correct mind of thinking going in. I feel this is very important part of any test quite frankly.

    A week later was our second attempt and I took advice from one of my instructors that told me to do nothing but relax and have fun the night before the exam and to get plenty of rest. I took his advice and watched a comedy movie, spent time with my wife and had a great night and got 8 hours of sleep before the exam. I ended up scoring a 1058. I went with my gut and did not doubt myself on questions and I was done with the 110 question exam in about 65 minutes.

    I didn't study or cram before these exams, this exam is really something you have been preparing for since Day 1 when you started the program. I used one book to refresh myself of my some fundamentals and med surg topics and that was Silvestri's NCLEX-PN Examination the questions on the CD...they are helpful.

    Know your Math, Maternity, Fundamentals and Med Surg....big points on each of those sections.

    Best of luck to you!
  6. by   alyiana
    Have you done the remediation associated with the Exit exam? I took the RN one, but I'm sure the PN one has it too. Even if it's different questions, it will help you identify areas of weakness so you can focus on those areas. Also you can create a customized study pack, with reading material related to the topics you missed. I find that it really really helps me even if it's a different test. I went from a score in the 700's to a score in the 1000's.

    Also day of test, eat a good meal. Every 20 questions are so: stop, take a deep breath, and stretch in your chair! Makes a huge difference!

    Good luck!!!
  7. by   DeannaMerritt
    I am in the exact same situation. I am so frustrated. Did you pass? and if so what worked?
  8. by   Lovemykids125
    Giving u my background I passed the HESI for PN the second time, first time only got 827 second time 859 and it was more toward the end of the program. No idea what to tell u tho I was super nervous the first time and when I failed I was so upset I thought screw it I dont care if I fail again since almost the whole class did anyways so I didn't study and went in there not worrying about it no pressure or anything and ended up barely passing. I ended up giving birth to my baby unexpectedly 2 mos early a couple wks before the second HESI and he was in the NICU til I graduated so I was really in a screw it mood which makes me think if u know it, u know it.

    I was relaxed, not stressed out, and took my time with every question, re-reading them and narrowing down to 2 answers max to choose from. Each HESI I got 3 math questions and one ERIKSON'S stages of development so if u got those memorized they are easy correct answers. I remember A TON of "who's job is it to do this" and "what would u delegate to the UAP" questions so maybe that was just my weak points. If three of the answers are similar definitely pick the odd one out bc it's almost always the correct one. Also read carefully bc they give u a ton of useless data in a lot of the questions, focus on the details and what they are truly asking for (look for key details that make that specific case/patient unique). Also stay away from "never, always, need" those are bad words a lot of the time! Practice makes perfect so the more practice questions u do the better u will be at answering questions u don't know the answer to!!! That's the secret, knowing how to answer questions using context clues and common sense then if all else fails your knowledge will kick in as backup! Sounds crazy I know :P
  9. by   arti2008
    I have to take the exit for a third time too and its my last chance any sugg to help?
  10. by   kristiekeene
    Please help I have taken the hesi two times and we only have one more chance and I need to score at least a 850 I failed it with a 840 and I don't know what else to study can someone please give me some advice thanks
  11. by   nursejess87
    Yes I made it through the program too done great and on previous hesi's but cant pass this one I take it again tomorrow did you finally pass it?