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Hello all. I've been studying for the HESI (which I'm taking Oct. 11th) and whenever I search for "pre-tests" I get results for an A-2 test and some other versions. The test I registered for was... Read More

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    ibreezeby - I did not have to take the A&P section. If I were you, I would study the HESI study guide (3rd edition). that was my main study source. I thought I did well for my first time taking the exam and like I said, that was what I studied from.
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    Hey I saw that you had to take the Biology part of the HESI. Only some schools here in TX require it. Do have any tips on what to study for. I took basic biology in college but its been a few years. If you have any study websites too that would be great too.
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    angelwms7785 - honestly, I thought the biology section was a combination of things I learned in biology, A&P and microbiology. there were 25 questions -- I got 2 wrong. I watched some youtube videos to refresh myself on topics like mitosis, meiosis, cellular respiration and photosynthesis. You may only get one question from any one of those topics. such as "how many ATP's are produced during glycolysis." so, I wouldn't say you need to know every detail about every topic but, I would make myself familiar with the lessons again. I again highly recommend you study from the HESI 3rd edition guide I mentioned above. When you start to read the biology section and do the practice exams, you will understand better what you should know. also, quizlet has some good practice questions and of course, youtube or Kahn Academy videos to refresh yourself. so, I guess no one has any thoughts on the 84% for my exam?? I really don't want to take the exam again if I don't have to. I guess I will ask an advisor at my college their thoughts.
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    Quote from apham
    Hi there, Thank you for the useful info! I can honestly say that what I'm most worried about on the hesi is the math part. I know its all basic math but what I'm most worried about is the word problem questions. I get so thrown off as to what it's asking me to do. I can do the math (conversions, fractions, addition, etc.) but when it's in a word problem format I get confused. :\ do you recall if there were a lot of word problems in the math section? I'm pretty confident that I won't have much problem on reading, grammar, and everything else.
    that's my problem I'm not good with word problems do anyone know a good practice site or sonething ?

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