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Is there more than one HESI exam? - page 2

Hello all. I've been studying for the HESI (which I'm taking Oct. 11th) and whenever I search for "pre-tests" I get results for an A-2 test and some other versions. The test I registered for was... Read More

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    Quote from apham
    Hi there, Thank you for the useful info! I can honestly say that what I'm most worried about on the hesi is the math part. I know its all basic math but what I'm most worried about is the word problem questions. I get so thrown off as to what it's asking me to do. I can do the math (conversions, fractions, addition, etc.) but when it's in a word problem format I get confused. :\ do you recall if there were a lot of word problems in the math section? I'm pretty confident that I won't have much problem on reading, grammar, and everything else.
    that's my problem I'm not good with word problems do anyone know a good practice site or sonething ?