Is there a decimal button on the calculator?

  1. I take my HESI A2 exam next week and just wanted to know if there is a decimal button on the calculator during the math section of the test. Thanks! Math is my weakest subject so I am a little worried.
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  3. by   Tess73
    Hi! I just took my HESI A2 exam on Monday. The calculator is basic, but it does have a decimal button so no worries there I was worried about that too- but it's not bad. If you can do the problems in the Hesi study guide, then you'll be fine! It is mostly ratios (solving for x), fractions, and a few conversions. Also, make sure you know the place system in decimals since they will likely ask you to round to the tenth's place in certain problems. Hope this helped!
  4. by   LawsonP
    Thank you so much Tess73, I am relieved to hear that! What other sections did you have to take? I'm taking math, vocab, grammar, and reading comprehension. I have been worrying about this test a lot (who isn't?) but I've been doing practice tests every day, so I'm feeling more and more confident!
  5. by   Tess73
    No problem! I took math, reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, then a/p. All of the sections (except a/p) were covered in the hesi study book very well! It's such a stressful feeling before the test- but once you finish a section you become more comfortable. I also found this post VERY HELPFUL:

    How I passed the HESI A2 entrance exam :)
  6. by   Macuscom8
    Hi please I have HESI exam on Thursday physic, chemistry and biology part of the exams? I am using Mc Grew hill study guide. Do u thinks it is good for the exam? Thanks
  7. by   LawsonP
    Hi, I am also taking my exam that day. My school only requires vocab, grammar, reading comprehension, and math. I know that other schools require other sections like anatomy & physiology and chemistry. You have to check with the school you are applying for to see what sections they require. I hope that helps!