How to know if you passed the hesi a2?

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    Does the cumulative mean something? I have a cumulative score of 80% or HESI score of 80%.

    I got 94 on Math.

    84 on Grammar.

    74 on Reading Comprehension.

    68 on Vocabulary

    Overall score is 80%.

    I doubt if i passed it or not. This is my second time.
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    It depends on what the college wants that our going to. If you need and overall score of 75% you passed over all, but if you need that score plus 75% in math, reading, grammar, and vocabulary then you didn't.
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    Merricks4, how did your hesi a2 test go?
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    Merricks4, how did your hesi a2 test go? I have to retake mine.
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    I take mine this sat! I'm nervous! I'm ready to take it though. What school are you applying to? I am applying to Ohio Zanesville.
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    I took it and didn't pass! It's so depressing I missed the overall score by nt even a half of a point!

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