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I am taking the Hesi a2 soon ( all sections) And i am close to a panic attack. How hard did you think the Hesi was and do you have any studying advice?... Read More

  1. by   Rachelj1222
  2. by   mary onyegasi
    I took HESI on the 18th of August, 2017 and decide I needed to share my own experience. The most important advice i will give is MANAGE TIME WISELY. I almost ran out of time. (MATH, 80 READING COMP 90, VOCAB 90, A&P 76, Grammar 87)
    Let me point out here that I was scared, like many others, when I wanted to write the exam because a lot of people failed it and had to take it many time.
    I am just an averagely smart girl, haven't done my A&P2. I had 76 in A&P, there were so questions from A&P2 (which i didn't know), a few also from "MUSCLE" ( a topic i dnt even understand, lol)...and that's what explains my low score. Math was okay. I had 80. (I am scared of math too), but it was mostly fractions (1/3 +7/8) and ratio... all you need to do is be fast cos there is a calculator but it really eats into your time. I had 87 in Grammar. Learn every single topic on HESI text book because this subject can be tricky. Take reading comprehension first, or at least not when you are tired because the Essays are exhausting to read, some are even long and boring. U will need full concentration for that. Vocab was really easy. Learn with the text and check for HESI VOCAB on Quizlet.
    U too can make it.
    Best Wishes!
  3. by   Breanna30
    I'm trying to get I to the lpn program in January 2018, I've taken the the accuplacer test and the wonder lick test . I'm still waiting to see if I got in but I have not taken the hessi test or whatever you call it. I'm freaking out. Any info?
  4. by   Breanna30
    I'm confused about this, do you get accepted and then have to take this test before you enter class?