HESI Testing nerves!! - page 2

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Hey everybody, I take my test in feb and I really need to score in the 90's to have any hope.... Any suggestions?... Read More

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    Was the Vocabulary all about medical terms? And were there a lot of conversions on the math portion? Were there any metric to standard conversions? Those are the hardest for me
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    The vocab had medical terms and words I've never heard of! The math only had a few conversions but just study the chart you will be fine! It had a lot of fractions and word problems!
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    Im super nervous about the fractions but i will practice until my eyes bleed but pointers about the test would be helpful guys. I have to take math, reading, grammar (lord scared of that) , vocab and a&p is cliffnotes good for a&p im trying not to stress because im already barely eating