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HESI test Vs. NLN pre admissions exam

  1. 0 Is there a difference between the two tests? I have to take the Hesi and the NLN for 2 different colleges. I took the NLN last year, and didn't do too well. I didn't want to have to buy a study guide for the Hesi if it was going to be similar to the NLN.
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    Hey Kelly! What school are you taking the Hesi for? I took the NLN yesterday and I am so nervous to get my scores!
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    Hey Shandra2008,
    I am taking my Hesi test for Deyserburg Community College. I am taking it on the 7th of August. I am also taking the NLN for Southwest TN Community College. I took it last year and scored a 97!! I needed a 100 to get into the program. I was so mad! I have been really studying alot. What kind of questions did you get more of in the science section, chemistry, physics, A&P or Biology? Last year I got more Chemistry and Physics, and I studied for the A&P and the Biology!! Hopefully the Hesi test won't be as bad as the NLN....
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    Well I got more of the Chem and physics! I thought that test was really hard! The SCIENCE anyway! I am going to apply for the Dyersburg in the fall, if I don't get in a program by January! Are you attending Dyersburg now? What's up with that math class that you can only take @ their school? If it wasnt for that class I would have been able to apply for the spring semester! When are you taking the nln again! There are a couple schools in Arkansas that you should look @! Phillips community college in helena west helena, like an hour away! No entrance exam! But they only except into the nursing program once a year in the fall! I'm applying there also for the fall!
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    Whats the difference between the HESI and NLN? is one easier then the other? Is the same matierial expected on both tests?