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Help, I take the Hesi Fundamentals test next week. It is 50 questions and I have to pass first try. Has anyone taken the test this year and how did you study for it? Any tips?... Read More

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    ok thanks! i am practicing questions liek this
    If a sweet, fruity smell is noticed in the oral cavity, the nurse suspects:

    1. Diabetic acidosis
    2. Gum disease
    3. Stomatitis
    4. Malabsorption syndrome

    ANSWER: A sweet, fruity smell noticed in the oral cavity is indicative of diabetic acidosis.

    I got a really good Nclex Book i bought at barnes noble for nursing fundamentals!!!
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    We had a lot of questions like if a patient isn't looking at you when you are talking to them you would? Correct answer was let them continue to talk
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    oo ok i think your talking about the chinese question were if the child put her head down, keep talking...haha nice! give me 2 more examples you remember and i will be set!! your such a life saver
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    If a husband is talking for the wife during a heath history, do you
    a - let him keep talking
    B - tell him that his wife has to answer
    C - check the wife for signs of abuse
    D can't remember this choice

    Answer A

    If a man has hives on his trunk and is slightly short of breath, would you
    A tell him to go to the doctor
    B call 9111
    C check his breathing every 15 minutes
    D do nothing

    B - call 911
    Those are just a couple I can remember
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    wow! never saw questions like that when i was studying, those are really short i hope our HESI questions are that short also, thanks!!
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    The questions were much easier than nclex question.
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    yea it looks like it! so i guess i will not make silly mistakes
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    one last thing was their multiple choice questions, that would suck if thier was
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    Do you mean check all that apply? No, just regular a, b, c or d
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    Hey is the HESI fundamentals for nursing1 like the case studies on evolve? if so..ummm that's pretty crazy lol
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    No it wasn't. Much easier.