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Hesi A2 Retake V2

  1. 0 Has anyone had to take the retake Hesi Version 2 test? If so, how difficult is the test is A&P much easier than the first and how was the math what do I need to study if, you have any study guides could you please email them to me laquitta09@gmail.com I would greatly appreciate this is my last shot on the exam and im very nervous this time.
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    A few people in my classes have had to retake the anatomy portion and they said that there might have been a couple similar questions (at most) but mainly completely new ones. I would say its completely random. A lot of hesi guides stress fractions and measurements for medication. I'm sure you'll do great, just try to stay focused, calm, and prepared. Good luck.
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    Thanks for the advice!!!
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    You're welcome. :]