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HESI A2 Help

  1. 0 Hello! I am gearing up to start studying for the Hesi. It is looked upon heavily at my school! We are only required to take the vocab, grammar, reading, and math portions. I bought the book, "HESI Admission Assessment Exam Review" volume 3. Any other books I should buy? Any really good internet resources that helped you? Any advice would help. I need to make in the 90's!! =)
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    That book is pretty much all you need, the math is everything that's on that book they let u use a calculator for every question but its on the computer built into the test u can't bring your own, memorize conversions and Roman numerals, reading is basic there's not much u need to study you either comprehend the paragraphs or not , and there very easy paragraphs, vocab study all the words in the book plus the words on the link Thats on this post also quizlet helped me a lot , grammar is very very basic it's identical to the evolve book. Try to do as many practice test as you can before the actual test. I also used the McGraw-hills hesi practice test book , which in my opinion had harder questions than the actual test . So if u can do good on those than you should be ready . And I used the hesi a2 secrets study guide book. Good luck, study hard and stay positive. http://www.uiw.edu/nursing/documents...Study-2012.pdf